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Sasha Hodder

​We will see a fight for regulatory capture. The SEC will attempt to implement some new, even broader version of the Howey Test that call all non-proof-of-work coins as “crypto securities.” The CFTC will pass a bill that will apply to proof of work coins. Anyone listing them for sale using a custodial/omnibus account will need to register as a commodities dealer. Tornado Cash v. OFAC will be an exciting case to watch where our privacy limits and definitions will be tested. Common sense shall prevail. The founder will be freed from Dutch prison with no charges. The IRS will publish guidance on how to treat funds tied up in the crypto 2022 contagion of bankruptcies, and it will include treating it as a total loss, not hindered by the $3,000 capital gains tax loss limit. Sam Bankman-Fried gets sentenced to 12 years at a low-security prison - raising Ross Ulbricht’s draconian sentence into the public light for the hypocracy and unfairness of it all. Sentencing reform becomes a major topic in the 2024 election, and Ross’s freedom looks possible. Bitcoin next Christmas is 33K.

Rare Scrilla (2:48)

All right, this is Rare Scrilla with my 2023 Predictions. Let’s get it cracking. I believe 2023 will see the rise of a meme coin involving Pepe. Fake Rares will continue to innovate and elevate. Rare Pepe the Nakamoto card will continue in an upward trading pattern. AOTM will emerge as the powerhouse crypto art gallery. Fake rare galleries all over the map, in the metaverse and IRL, more frog art. Bitcoin art will continue to flourish. Shoutout to all the creators. Shoutout to Bitcoin Audio. Artists to watch: DJPEPE. Grand Rising replaces GM. Grand rising is also a music project I’m putting out next month, be on thlookout ut for that.

Layah Heilpern (4:20)

Hey guys, Layah Heilpern here, so this is my prediction for 2023. Bitcoin will continue to move sideways. I don’t think we will see any new all-time highs or lows until the halving in 2024. Regulation will continue to come; it’s inevitable at this point. Dubai continues to grow as the number one crypto hub worldwide for its friendly crypto regulations. CBDCs on the horizon Social Credit scores will continue to be tested. We will continue to see a war on freedom of speech, a tug of war from left and right. More people will wake up and take action to the reality that insanity is taking over. A little bit like Elon Musk owning Twitter. I think that’s a good sign. Control the money, control the world. More people will have to adopt Bitcoin to become more sovereign, especially with CBDCs on the horizon.

Theo Goodman (5:46)

This is Theo Goodman, the OG, TG, some say too good, with predictions for 2023. Start it off with Crypto. Sam Bankman-Fried. He will not go to prison in 2023, FTX will reopen and operate in some capacity in order to try to recoup funds for its customers. Binance. Binance will have a bank run, meaning a shit ton of people will try to withdraw at the same time and they won’t be able to, but, CZ and Binance will survive, no problem. Not without a bit of chaos for a few days though. Bonus detail prediction” This will be triggered by a short notice, “we’re shutting down due to maintenance.” Happens all the time in crypto, causes chaos. Bitcoin price. Bitcoin price will mostly grind sideways, trading between a daily low of $13,000 and a high of $22,000 with an average price of $16,500. You like those detailed predictions? NFTs. Growth in the NFT sector will be punctuated with more NFTs being minted than ever before, although high profiles sales in the hundreds of millions might not be seen, there will be solid demand for vintage historical NFTs from 2019 and earlier as well as new interest in art NFTs. Election. 2023, plenty of riots throughout the US for any number of reasons. Right. Left. Center. Everyone is rioting. It will probably be a boring Biden v. DeSantis election. Regardless of who wins, Riots. Biden will say a lot of things that don’t make sense. DeSantis will say a lot of things that don’t make sense. Trump will say a lot of things that don’t make sense. He’ll probably make the most sense out of all of them, but he won’t get the nomination, and that will cause riots. When I say someone makes the most sense, I mean coherent language use, and arguments we can follow, not that I agree with the person. MMA. Both Connor McGregor and John Jones will have MMA fights in 2023. Both Connor McGregor and John Jones will be arrested in 2023. Both Connor McGregor and John Jones will test positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2023. Both Connor McGregor and John Johnes will make a shit ton of $ in 2023. Those are my predictions for 2023. Thank you so much, this is Theo Goodman, signing off.

Lyn Ulbricht (8:50)

I never would have predicted in a million years that my beloved son Ross would be serving a double life sentence at a maximum security prison. .. It feels like we are on a trajectory to who knows where. … There are always wild cards … mysterious forces at work that we can’t control or predict. … I do expect that next year will be a wild ride. So let’s buckle up…

Tone Vays (10:00)

​Hey Sasha, sorry for the delay. Bitcoin has been so non-volatile. I still believe that 2023 will be the beginning of a bull market, and it will close with $50K by the end of the year. We probably have one more capitulation where Bitcoin will find the floor around $14K. It doesn’t have to do that, but the charts are still projecting one more leg down before the eventual start of the bull market.

Mike in Space (11:11)

Hey, what am I going to say? What am I going to say? I got nothing. I got nothing. Let me try OpenAI - Bingo. As 2023 approached, Mike in Space became convinced that the next big rally for Bitcoin was just around the corner. He spent hours pouring over charts and analyzing market trends. And he was convinced that the price of Bitcoin was about to explode. Mike decided to put his money where his mouth was and invested a large chunk of his savings into Bitcoin. He bought as much as he could and waited for the price to rise. At first, it looked like he had made a terrible mistake. The price of Bitcoin stagnated, and Mike watched in frustration as his investment seemed to be going nowhere. He refused to give up and continued to hold onto his Bitcoin, believing that the market would turn in his favor. Finally, in the fall of 2023, his patience was rewarded. The price of Bitcoin began to soar, and Mike watched in amazement as his investment began to grow exponentially Mike made back his investment several times, and he was well on his way to becoming a crypto millionaire.

Leah Wald (12:30)

Most, if not all, the leverage is out of the systems. There are potential issues for 2023. In regards to the macroeconomic outlook may coincide with Bitcoin halving in 2024. As on-chain evidence suggests, we could see more … there are a whole lot of addresses with more than one bitcoin, and 66% of onchain … Lightning adoption continues to increase. I played around with three last week thanks to an investor who sent a tip, so that’s doing great, and strike in Africa is taking off. That’s a great metric for where we are and how long the LN has been around. Regarding regulatory expectations, most people are pessimistic and think regulations will be down the road. There’s a bit more fire from DC to get this figured out, given the huge scope … to increase their plans and strategies that they were starting to figure out. When will the bull market come, not sure, 1 bitcoin is always going to be worth one bitcoin. So I am optimistic for the coming year. Good luck trading!

Ido Alexander (14:25)

Doug TenNaple (15:00)

This is Doug TeNaple, I’m the creator of Earthworm Jim, the neverhood, Nickelodeon’s catscratch. I also made an NFT set called eternal klay on Open Sea- and my wallet is now compromised and destroyed so don’t even think about buying them. My predictions for Bitcoin in 2023 is that it will crater down to 11,000 which i think is the actual real, useful, safe value for all the billionarir whales holding it. Pretty much everyone who can get out will panic out on another dip. I’m a comic book artist, so I’m telling you that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Ethereum is going to zero, it is worthless. And I make video games for a living, I can tell you it is worthless. I’m predicting how humans will view all finances, gold, stock, food, fuel, next year I think there will be a downturn and a radical lower adjustment of any non-necessary things. I don’t see what’s going to turn jobs around. I don’t see people hungry to get back into the workforce and try new things. There’s a level of timidity that drives markets down. Until I see drilling and expansion, I’m going to keep betting that it’s going to below where it’s been the last ten years, back down to the 2009 levels. Bitcoin could have a long way to drop. My general feeling is that things are too sunny and optimistic. Ethereum has a lot more air to let out because it’s made of air. It’s a clunky 1990s dial up level technology. It would be like going to gaming today and starting on a sega genesis. It’s really low tech. It doesn’t do much, it’s not good for the gaming and exampnding. Another product will come along and take its place, and that usually does happen. Etherum’s days are numbered. When they followed the woke environmentalist scam they went to proof of stake and now they’re going to get nailed by the government. The government’s going to try to make all cryptocurrency illegal in the United States. That’s my prediction for 2023. I do think Bitcoin is a useful tool, it will be around forever. I don’t think it’s a good investment, I think it’s a great tool.

Bill Wise (19:04)

Hi everyone, this is Bill, law clerk at Hodder Law. Here to give my crypto forecast for the new year. 2022 saw a whole swath of bad actors washed out of the markets. For the people obsessing over capitulation, that may have been it. Of course, there are other macroeconomic events to consider, instability in China and the ongoing war in Ukraine, might create some more bumps in the road for the global economy. I think we will see a lot of sideways chops as the market deals with all the black swans that graced our presence. But the anticipation of 2024’s Bitcoin halvening might see us slightly grind upward in the ladder half of the year. I hope everyone listening has a happy New Year, and HODL on!

BitBoy (19:44)

​My predictions for 2023 in crypto, we will see Bitcoin hover between $16,000 and $25,000 for most of the year, maybe a couple outliers toward the end of the year. November and December we will start heading up towards the halvening. I believe crypto regulation will be coming forward this year. Republicans and Democrats will work bipartisan to make smart crypto regulation. I don’t think it’s the end of the year. We will see FTX hearings all year long.

Remo (20:10)

​Bitcoin has never seen a recession, we had this 14 year boom. It will be at least a six-quarter recession. Last time it was 4-5 quarters, so my guts saying we stay sub 50K, with the halevening priced in. That and the fact that more and more coins are being sold by weak hands into strong hands. Both of these imply a supply squeeze. We have to ask ourselves, where is the money going to come from to pump liquidity into the market cap? Especially when we take low interest rates and inflation into account? The economy is not in a position where institutions - like the banks - which are quietly buying bitcoin. If we’re lucky and NATO doesn’t launch into war with Russia directly, we might see the economy pick back up into the 2024 elections. There should be some attempt to prop markets up as politicians and their puppeteers try to maintain their positions during the regime change. Institutions are not in a position to buy Bitcoin, as buying the asset itself is still widely considered speculative. Bitcoiners know it is the least risky investment in the mid-and long term. Especially in an environment of money printing and inflation. Price prediction: 53K with one caveat - if CBDCs are officially deployed to the public of any G7 nation, we will for sure see the market cap cross 2.1 Trillion. It’s the implementation of monetary policies allowing for programable money that put constraints on what people purchase - that will be the catalyst for Bitcoin as there will be no alternative for freedom.

Gideon Heilpern (22:10)

Hi I’m Gideon Heilpern and I predict that unvaccinated sperm will be the next Bitcoin. Women are going to go crazy for it. New dating apps will emerge for unvaccinated singles and vaccine verification technology will come to market. Every major city in the world will continue to degenerate into shit. The World Economic Forum will continue to champion Ethereum’s proof of stake by claiming it’s the greener solution, and therefore better than Bitcoin. Twitter is the most important and valuable social media, and we can say whatever we want under Elon Musk’s leadership, so long as this lasts.

Constant (22:46)

Bitcoin is currently under a full-scale attack. A steep and prolonged bear market is upon us thanks to the FTX crap, combined with the attacker, an irrational economic player massively investing in mining hardware such that difficulty keeps growing. It puts such a shock and pressure on the other miners that they will be forced to wind down. The attacker will buy their operations. All of this combined with the regulatory attack on mining will result in a 51%. This attack will be used to frustrate the main chain while the global governments ... put up laws against Bitcoin. This combination of internal system failure in Bitcoin and these outside regulatory pressures will undermine Bitcoin to such an extent that the attacker can buy large amounts of Bitcoin. Then it's checkmate. If Bitcoin keeps persisting, central bank digital currencies are upon us.

CryptoLamaEsq.Eth (23:55)

My prediction for the 2023 markets is that better pricing models will emerge for digital assets. That volatility will decrease, the correlation between Bitcoin's price and Ethereum's price and equities markets will decouple, and the correlation between BTC and ETH will slightly decouple. This will be positive for the digital asset markets because it will show maturity and understanding from investors - that they understand the pricing of these assets and have reasonable expectations of where these assets will go in the future, and can differentiate between equities and these digital assets.

Johnny Dollar (25:00)

Hi, this is Johnny Dollar. 2023 everyone’s talking recession. I hear doom and gloom everywhere. I think something different might happen. With all this negative atmosphere, we are due for a white swan event. Who knows, peace will break out, and it starts a face-melting ralley and it drives the market up really fast. What happens after that, I don’t know.

Tatiana Moroz (25:35)

Every year I wonder what’s going to happen the next year with Bitcoin, and usually, I am optimistic, but unfortunately, this time I’m a lot less optimistic, I think we have a lot further down to go before we go back up. Maybe by the end of next year, we should be back closer to our all-time highs, but in the meantime, I’m not expecting much.

Vakeraj (26:00)

Hey, this is Vake coming in with my 2023 Bitcoin predictions. My first prediction is that in the aftermath of the FTX debacle, we’re going to see an increased emphasis on self-custody and continued outflow of funds from exchanges into people’s cold storage. My second prediction is that we’re going to see increased islands of Bitcoin adoption. Everyone knows of El Salvadore, but there’s also Bitcoin Beach in Brazil and Bitcoin Island in the Philippines, so we’re going to start to see a lot more of Bitcoin islands and conferences pop up, and conferences in other countries, like the one we had in Austria in the German language, in India, as well as Ghana this year. There are going to be a lot more events going on abroad, in places you may not have expected it. And finally, for a price prediction, Bitcoin will end 2023 at $35,000.

David Foox (27:00)

My name is David Foox, and let me start with a quick disclaimer. Do your own research, DYOFR, and nobody knows what can happen with Bitcoin in 2023. However, my prediction is that we will have a record year of growth because price follows hash, and the hash rate of bitcoin has only been going up, reaching new record levels consistently over the last 3 months in 2022 suggesting that people are really understanding the value of Bitcoin and doing anything to accumulate more of it.

Leon Siegman (28:00)

My crypto prediction for the upcoming year- If crypto refers to cryptography then I’m looking forward to the date when Sha-256 breaks or anyone finds a way to break it. I believe I might not experience it in my lifetime. I think Bitcoin is still, for me at least, the best store of value for me long term. Do what you can to educate others. Once you’re a Bitcoiner, you usually don’t become a shit coiner again, or a fiat maxi, or in any way go back to the old world. Stack sats, that’s the lifetime hack to reduce the friction that socialism and communism are causing in the world. And it will advance freedom and liberty for everyone and leave the planet in good shape for the future generation. I’ll record the ocean because I’m in El Salvador walking by the beach. It’s quite nice. One Bitcoin is worth One Bitcoin, it’s about how many of 21 million you have. Go stack some sats.

Kane Mayfield (29:45)

​Hey what’s up? This is Kane Mayfield giving my 2023 Crypto Predictions. I think 23 will be the year of the effort. So all the people working and planting a lot will be harvested this year, via platforms, protocols. I think it will be another great year for fake rares, XCP, I think there will be some turmoil. Big year for Band Fold, a lot of artists will start moving off platforms and embracing independence and sovereignty. Make that a trend. It’s probably going to be a year of fake award shows and for me personally putting up some of the best art ever and taking my spot among the people who I look up to and admire in the space. I’ve got some great stuff brewing and I hope it’s a great year for my friends.

Dan Anderson “Droplister” (31:00)

​It’s Dan Anderson, aka Droplister, here to tell you what I foresee will happen in the next year. If you hear noise in the background it’s because I didn’t pay enough crypto for my dishwasher. Dishwasher to crypto is a very exoitic but real trading pair. House to crypto is an exotic but real trading pair. A lot of meme houses happened in 2021/22. I think 2023 will be all about the meme parking lot. The meme back alley. The riches and the niches. We will see people mining the dearth of NFTs for values, finding niches in the riches, that will be one play in 2023. I think anything you’ve heard of will go down, and anything you haven’t heard of will go up. Find what the limits of permissionless and pseudononmyity are. I’m long Bitcoin and short everything else.

Eric Hess

​Eric Hess, encrypted economy 2023 predictions. Word usage matters. Prediction 1. Using words with regulatory implications without appreciating the ramifications is something that’s going to be increasingly focused on in 2023. Front end, orders, exchanges, all these terms have regulatory implications and that’s going to be focused on more in 2023. Two. SEC wins for crypto regulation in the US, irrespective of Ripple. Three. Native token issuance projects become more problematic again, reverting to an earlier time. Europe takes the lead with a more conducive approach with Mica. Four. Crypto natives and degens start to take the UrBit ecosystem more seriously. Five. Despite a harsher environment for early-stage crypto projects, institutional trading for Bitcoin and Eth grows. Six. Defi will emerge at the institutional level for lending and crypto projects will adapt to the market. The pressure at the institutional level will result in newer, different defi models. Finally, Fantasy sports find crypto. Happy 2023.

Nathan Holowaty (34:00)

I foresee new practical payment options for crypto holders, emphasizing self-custody as a valued feature in transactions. When these payment options become widespread and practical, more companies will issue their own crypto to be used as shares, equity, or currency. This will help Bitcoin bounce back big. I hope we end the war in Ukraine and peace in 2023. Happy New Year! Have a blessed Christmas with your family!

Guy Malone (34:34)

​It’s really obvious now that FTX/Celsius crashes have highlighted the differences between crypto and Bitcoin. They greatly contributed to an understanding of the importance of self-custody. I’m thinking 2023 should be a banner year for our existing laws of privacy rights to be highlighted by congress and their enforcement coming back to the public discussion as not criminal behaviour. I’m hopefully not being overly optimistic that the American principles of being secure in our possession and property are going to prevail and that our reasonable right to privacy is going to lead the charge in all legal matters related to custody, wallets, and coin joins. At least I hope so.

Sketch McGuinney (35:40)

Yo what’s good? This is Sketch McGuinney. Just a quick prediction for Sasha. I predict Bitcoin music breaks into mainstream billboards this year. SBF doesn’t kill himself and John McAffee is definitely partying in Panama. Michael Saylor - CIA. Sketch Da Dash. Shoutout to Sasha, Scrilla, Fake Rares, Gone.

Thomas (36:00)

​Hi, this is Thomas and I think technology is going to advance in 2023.

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