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Hodder Law Weekly Newsletter - February 22, 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week! The price of Bitcoin as of Wednesday, February 22 at 5:25 p.m. EST is $23,950.




Wyoming legislature passed a bill protecting Bitcoin private keys from Courts. After the Governor signs the bill, it should take effect on July 1, 2023.


Bitcoin ordinals have lifted the entire crypto ecosystem. A contributing factor in the rise of Bitcoin’s price is the Ordinals protocol, allowing for the creation of Bitcoin NFTs. As the Bitcoin blockchain engages more with creators of digital content we will see new integrations and infrastructure connecting protocols and further developing the wider crypto ecosystem.


Bank of Russia to pilot CBDC in April. The CBDC pilot phase will become operational for 13 Russian banks taking part in the project. They plan to expand the project and hope it will decrease their reliance on U.S. dollars for international trade. It will also financially enslave citizens in one of the largest countries on earth, further cementing Russia's authoritarian system of governance.


San Francisco Fed hiring for digital currency development. In their effort to develop a Central Bank Digital Currency, the San Francisco fed is advertising for digital currency architects.


Former FTX executive Nishad Singh is planning to plead guilty to fraud. Another member of SBF’s inner circle is working out a deal with federal prosecutors in New York. Singh, age 27, could also face charges from the SEC and the CFTC. FTX bankruptcy filings claim that Singh received a $543 million personal loan from FTX-owned Alameda Research.


Best-selling author Michael Lewis will speak at Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami. Author of "The Big Short" and "Moneyball" Michael Lewis will feature in a fireside chat at some point during the conference from May 18-20. Lewis is also rumored to be working on a feature film about the FTX implosion.



BIG BLOCKFI UPDATE ON CUSTOMER WITHDRAWALS MUST WATCH! This Week's HODLCast looks under the hood of the BlockFi bankruptcy. SEC's enforcement action against Kraken. Read all about it on my blog from the Hodder Law Firm website.


One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it. - Unknown


Make it a great week! Sincerely, Sasha Hodder Hodder Law

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