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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

July 16, 2022 - Today's Twitter word search is #Energy because ... the US & Saudi Arabia signed 18 agreements in energy, and other areas... makes for one hell of a picture!

Let's see what my curated Bitcoin Twitter feed had to say about the topic...

One. This tweet is by one of my favorite human rights advocates, and a former HODLcast guest, Alex Gladstein:

Two: Dennis P with Congress's letter to the EPA - and it's terrible... The members claim that #Bitcoin added over “80 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions” but didn't discuss any of the positives we learned about from Nic Carter last summer - like the the wasted/stranded energy from renewables.

Three. By Watcher.Guru: Paraguay's senate not buying into any environmental fud about bitcoin mining...

Four. Zerohedge shows us an article where French citizens are being told to engage in energy "Sobriety" and prepare for even higher food prices... ugh.

Five. from founder of Swan Bitcoin, Cory Klippsten:

Summary - energy is important - so try and spend yours doing something you love. If you need a bitcoin lawyer or crypto attorney, give me a shout!

By Sasha Hodder, Crypto Attorney & Bitcoin Enthusiast

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